Hey ! Hope you enjoyed coming together.

As announced at the end of last , in 2024, the intersectional festival about collective practices & free technologies production will be .


The edition will happen at the same time as @fosdem as announced (chaos.social/@mwfc/11080997610), its team is building up now! oxygen.offdem.net/g/team

To participate in the organization of this or another OFFDEM: oxygen.offdem.net/pub/how-to-o

August 21, 2023
May 15, 2023

Happy to be in for the @edri General Assembly.

We are newly Affiliate Member of the European Digital Rights network, and looking forward to bend politics away from global surveillance.

May 13, 2023


Are you in ? The Hermes Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights needs you to campaign and


April 12, 2023
April 11, 2023

Next will be on offdem.net


February 05, 2023

Final General Assembly at starting now. It was a great moment. Thank you all participants for making it such a nice event!

February 05, 2023

Here is the e-Waste Work Group report at

Technology from Mines to e-Waste


February 05, 2023
OOO₃FFDEM Bits February 05, 2023

« The problem starts when we think about a new device »

« A device is an event rather than an object »

February 04, 2023
OOO₃FFDEM February 02, 2023

Présents Suspendus part chez l'imprimeur... J'attends le BAT.


January 11, 2023
OFFDEM: what to expect

is a self-organized event: everyone is a participant.

A single track and plenty of time and space to discuss, meet each other, have phun, eat and drink in a safe and warm environment.

No individual presentation: only conversations among peers who share their experience and build critical knowledge together.

Engage on the forum early so we can steer the event and structure the program together.

-> ps.zoethical.org/t/volunteerin

January 06, 2023