Eugen Rochko

Founder of @Mastodon. Film photography, prog metal, Dota 2. Likes all things analog.

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Heath Arcadia

Happy from this jerk who screamed at the bedroom door to be let in, was let in, sat by the bed and screamed some more until I opened the curtains, then sat here, not even looking outside.

3 hours ago
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sam henri gold

living but sure as shit ain't laughing or loving

23 hours ago
Eugen Rochko

Boat. San Francisco.

📷 Canon AE-1 Program
🎞️ Kodak Vision3 250D
🔭 Canon FD 50mm/1.4. S.S.C.

1 day ago
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Anil Dash

Get ready: in just about 2 hours, it’s Fastly ‘s first *ever* special event for developers. We’ll be talking about the exciting future of @glitchdotcom, the most-requested features you’ve wanted from @devs, and even some big surprises. Watch here:

1 day ago
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Tracy Chou
1 day ago
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Dale Harvey

Been a long time since I made it up a hill so was wondering what I was doing this time last year.

Summit camp up Ben Cruachan, caught a beautiful sunrise.

2 days ago
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Samantha E Xavia

This is such as cool video that explains that Mastodon is not just a Twitter Replacement. Gonna try and show this to people that haven't got into Mastodon before.

3 days ago